The Lore of Ancient Timekeep
The History of Glávadan
Forming of Glávadan

Eras of the Glávadan
Age of the Elves (AE)
Chapter of Aerenor (CA)
Fworimoer's Time (FT)
Era of Light (EL)
Freedom (FD)
"In the dawn of time, Halrond was scarcely populated, they just had to kill trolls and goblins to gain Aerenor, find branches and boulders to build the walls of Gordrén, first elven capital, and then venture out beyond their territory. When Evenwä and Ademar died in battle, Ademar had been lucky enough to marry Edmelin and give birth to Naviel – whom constructed the Totum Lords, and the Council of Elfword."
Tûragäur Vextorne

Ordin (eng: Shaping) was the first stage of the Glávadan, it happened about 1,007,263 years in the past of FD 1. In Elzar, it was believed that Evenwä created the Glávadan.

In history, Ordal followed Ordin.