"“The flower is the most noble flower in our world,” wisely said Feohtan, resting his head on his fist, “The water falls into such mucky soil, miserable and deprived of happiness, the water must fight up the phloem, into it’s noble, colourful paradise – we are currently but a raindrop falling from the damp clouds, falling infinitively through the cold air, and once we drop to the thick ground, that is our strike on Emyrindé – working on getting up the phloem is what we must do, and a child picking flowers for his mother is our obstacle. Is this understood, Council of Elfword?”"
—Feohtan in Elven Partings.

Feohtan Brittleknuckle was the Lord of Elveintwon, he was a part of the Council of Elfword, and known as the wisest member of them all.

Feohtan's only known relatives are his great-great-grandfather Feohtarr and his great-grandniece Faralin Romedhurst.


Feohtan is seemed to be quite old, given as he coughs continouosly, is very wise - but could also be young given as his great-great-grandfather was still living in FT 3204.