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-----Aldyren Elédor of Aerenor-----
Titles Minstrel of Aerenor
The Wise Elf
AKA: Traitor of the Elédor
Sex Male
Date of Birth FT 1493
Date of Death N/A
Realms ruled N/A
Spouse Unknown
Parents Aladén Elédor
Children Almorhir Elédor
Alforin Elédor
Race Elf
Culture Aerenorian Elf
Country Aerenor

Aldyren Elédor, son of Aladén Elédor and brother of Adanë Elédor was an Aerenorian-elf from Idavar. He was the father of Almorhir and Alforin, as well as the mentor of Edilin Halveren and friend of Olasto Faebrigin.

Aldyren was known as the wisest elf in the Elven Kingdom.



Aldyren was born in FT 1493, the date he was crowned king was around 4000 years after his birth, therefore he would only have 500 or so years until he passes the expected Aerenorian age limit.

The Companions of AerenorEdit

In FT 1490, the wise elf joined the Companions of Aerenor on a quest to defeat Caligond Artherim and collapse the Pharth, and also stop the Elf war with Men.

Preceded by:
Adanë Elédor
Minstrel of Aerenor

EL 1493 - present

Followed by: